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The CoffeeHouse Classical

Caution: Contents may be historical, but they’re still hot! We’re serving the classics!

Episode 30:

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Episode 29:

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Episode 28:

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Episode 27:

Valerie Langfield"Quilter, Roger." Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online. Oxford University Press, accessed August 11, 2017http://www.oxfordmusiconline.com.proxy2.cl.msu.edu/subscriber/article/grove/music/22702.

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Episode 26:

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Episode 25:

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Episode 24:

Music not in end credits: The Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 in F, Mvt I. Allegro was performed by Henryk Szeryng, Sir Neville Marriner, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Michala Petri, Heinz Holliger & André Bernard.

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Episode 23:

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Episode 22

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Episode 21

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Episode 20

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Episode 19:

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Episode 18:

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Episode 17:

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Episode 16:

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Episode 15:

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Episode 14:

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Episode 12:

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Holiday Special 12/25:

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Episode 11:

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Episode 10:

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References for Episodes 1-9 are available upon request. Contact us at coffeehouseclassical at gmail.com.